Tuesday, February 21

Product Spotlight: Kohler Prolific

Every so often a new product comes onto market and I pause to think, "Now this is amazing". The Kohler Prolific sink is one of those products. It is often imitated by solid surface fabricators, but it is still the original, and extremely unique to any sink out there. This sink is the multimtaskers best friend. It is also an exceptional solution for anyone with limited counter space. So what makes it so special? Check out the video to see this revolutionary sink in action.

The Accessory Ledge
Franke was the first to come out with the accessory ledge, but Kohler perfected it. The Prolific kitchen sink features three accessory ledges, not just one, like many Franke options. The Prolific also comes with several accessories to make the most of the sink.

The Accessories

Two drying racks, a rinse bowl, colander, and a wooden cutting board. Franke sinks often have these accessories availability to those who want them, at a premium. Kohler did it right. The Prolific comes WITH the accessories in the box. The Prolific has a reasonable price tag without the surprise costs of the accessories.  I love the two drying racks. When placed on the top accessory ledge, they can expand your usable counter space.  Also, all accessories can be purchased alone, so if you want more, or misplace one, have no worries.

The Construction
The Prolific comes with 18guage 304 Stainless Steel. It has a folded construction, not punched. It features sound deadening pads on the underside. The only draw back to the Prolific sink is the 0 radius corners, which some find difficult to clean, and the lack of spray insulation.

Another construction feature of the Prolific I like, is the recessed disposal flange. This is a unique design that allowed for proper drainage and helps keep the disposal from getting blocked by pots and pans.

So that is the Kohler Prolific sink. One of my favorite sinks due to its versatility and many uses. This is one fun sink. It has an amazing price point, and packs a punch for getting things done with ease. I hope my readers like it as much as I do!!

Tuesday, February 14

Product Spotlight: Robern AiO Cabinet

How does technology into the bathroom? There are lots of ways to incorporate technology into the modern bathroom, and one of my favorite ways as with the Roeburn AiO cabinet. Both the medicine cabinet and light source in one, this dual function product is sure to wow.

The Robert AiO cabinet features two LED light strips down either side of the cabinet. These light strips are the perfect task light for the bathroom. They equally light up either side of the users face for use when shaving and applying make up. Think of back stage lighting. Those light bulbs lined up along either side of a mirror. This is the LED solution from Robern. The AiO cabinet features an easy to use touch pad under the right light strip which can adjust brightness and turn the light on and off. There is also a small light bar on the interior of the cabinet that lights up when the door is open. Making it easy to find the SleepQuil when your insomnia is keeping you up.

The Rober AiO cabinet also features a few outlets on the interior of the cabinet. Two USB and a 110 outlet means you can charge what you need to. If you a lucky enough to have a Kohler Moxie, you can charge it and your phone right from your medicine cabinet. It also features the one standard outlet, which is perfect for an electric toothbrush, razor, or anything else you want plugged in.

The AiO cabinet has a ton of options. First, you can select from a single door cabinet or a double door cabinet. Here are also several width and height options. The AiO cabinet only comes in four inch depth, but it can be recessed into the wall or surface mounted, with an additional kit.

The AiO also features a handy magnetic doc which is perfect for those smaller items, such as tweezers and nail clippers. When paired with adjustable glass shelves, and interior mirrors and a magnifying mirror, this is definitely a go-to for any medicine cabinet. These cabinets can be banked together for smaller bathrooms, maximizing space and functionality.

Tuesday, February 7

6 Things to Know About Stainless Sinks

Stainless steel is one of the most popular sink materials across the U.S. So what do you need to know when purchasing your next kitchen sink? With so many different price points, how do you know your getting a good product and a good deal?

I have said in several previous posts, be sure to not cut corners on your sink, and I definitely stand by my previous posts. When getting a new sink, you are getting the hardest working product in your kitchen. Do not try to save on your sink. Why put a $200 sink under a $20,000 quartzite? I have seen it done. Once your under mount sink is cut in your new stone, there is no going back. 

So when you start shopping, how do you know what your getting? Why is a $2000 stainless sink any better than a $200 sink? They have the same guage, the same radius corners, they look the same. Well, I will tell you, they are different. When it comes to sinks, and ESPECIALLY stainless steel, you are definitely getting what you paid for. 

There are lots of things to consider. Gauge is definitely important, as well as grade of stainless. However none of that matters without a proper and quality construction. Then, once the sink is made, how is the underside? Does it have the proper insulation and sound pads? These are the things to look for, and I will teach you how to find them. 

Stainless comes in several thicknesses, which is called gauge. The gauge of stainless steel usually ranges from 22 gauge to 16 gauge. Gauge is also numbered opposite what most people think. With stainless steel, the smaller the number, the thicker the steel. 22 and 20 gauge is typically cheap sinks at the big box stores, that usually range from $100-$250.

18 gauge is the minimum recommended thickness for kitchen use, but 16 gauge is preferred. Typically, the thicker the steel, the less noise, vibration, and less likely for dents. Now, don't get me wrong, all stainless will scratch, so don't let someone tell you that 16 gauge steel is less likely to scratch, because that just isn't true.

Stainless sinks get their strength and rust resistant qualities from the chromium and nickel content. This ratio is often 18/8, which is 18% chromium and 8% nickel. 304 is the most common stainless, and is 18/8. This is the recommended stainless for use in kitchen sinks, and available in all the different gauges of steel.

Sound Pads
Sounds pads are, well, sound pads. They reduce vibration and absorb sound on Stainless sinks. Each manufacturer is different. Some have pads on the bottom, some the sides, and some a combination of bottom and sides. Most brands include sound pads, including Kohler, Blanco, and Elkay

Insulation is very important to me. Two of the biggest names in Stainless Sinks don't do insulation, and I have no clue why. Insulation is great for people who fill up a sink for hand washing. It does exactly what it says, insulated for temperature retention. Keep that hot soapy water hot. It also does something else. It insulates against noise and vibration also. It's not marketed for this, but after selling stainless for over 10 years, and banging around on more sinks than I dare to admit to. I can definitely tell the difference between a sink with only sound pads, and a sink with sound pads and insulation. If you don't believe me, then go bang on a few sinks and listen for yourself.

Gauge, insulation,and sound pads don't mean anything without proper construction. Most stainless steel sinks are pulled onto a machine in sheet form and punched. It may start out at 18 or 16 gauge, but because of this construction method, there are thinner spots, and inconsistencies. The other construction method is welding. This is where they take a sheet Andy fold it like a box and weld the corners and edges. A 16 gauge punched sink may cost you $500,but the same sink welded will be over twice the price. Some examples of welded sinks are Julien and Franke. Some examples of punched sinks include Dayton and Franke USA. Most manufacturers won't tell you their construction method, this is where price really tells you the full story.

How can corners be important? Well, they are something to consider. Stainless sinks have a wide variety of corner radius sizes. The smaller the radius, the more contemporary the look. The other proble, with this, is difficulty to clean. I never recommend a 0 radius sink. This ,exams the corners are a perfect right angle, and will be difficult to clean. A 10mm radius is still a very contemporary look, but just enough of a radius for ease of cleaning. It's about the same size as a finger.

So this is the skinny on Stainless. These sinks are great sinks, when you accept the, for their flaws. (And by flaws I mean scratching). They look great and when you do your research and invest properly, your Stainless sink will last you decades. 

Monday, March 14

Color Picks for Spring 2016

Here are my picks for Spring 2016.  Soft and muted hues are sure to brighten your space.  They can be used in any combination, and come from the Sherwin Williams "Vintage Chic" collection paint colors.  This collection includes: 
  • Sea Salt, SW6204, a soft green 
  • Alabaster, SW7008, an off white
  • Ponder, SW7079, from the purple family
  • Ancient Marble, another green
The rest of the collection is an great spring inspired pallet that coordinates well together in part or in full.

SW6204 Sea Salt
SW7008 Alabaster
SW7079 Ponder
SW6162 Ancient Marble

Monday, March 7

5 Spring Decor Idea's

Spring is coming,  and it is time to start dusting off the glue gun and get your spring decor on. Here is a collection of some of my favorite spring interiors with links to products and D-I-Y's for obtaining the same looks in your own home. One of the things I love most about Spring, is how easy it is to decorate for.  

I am in love with these soft blue vases with pink tulips. Tulips are a spring essential, and I love how they look.  They add color, and brighten up a space.  Tulips are also available in a wide variety of colors, so you have quite a few options to coordinate with your space.  Yellow, white, pink, even orange, purple, or red.  You can mix and match colors or go with all the same colors.  

Now to create this look.  I found similar vases here, here,  and here. You can purchase tulips at your local grocery store.  I don't recommend buying flowers online, but if you must, you can find them here.  This is a quick and simple arrangement that can be done on a mantle, hearth, entry table, or anywhere else in the house.  This is a low skill project that doesn't require any special equipment (like that glue gun!)  Just a few simple notes: I typically like doing these arrangements in odd numbers, three or five vases, etc. Also, you don't have to fill all the vases with flowers. Note how this arrangement has two of the four vases filled with flowers.

This next image, much like the first one, is easy and obtainable in many areas of your home.  From the mantle to the entry table, even the front porch.  This vignette features a few items: 

This vignette is easy to make look great. Notice again, there are three vases, (I love them in odd numbers!).  Two one one side, and one on the other.  The bunny helps even out the vignette with the centered greenery in a tin planter, the chalk board, and the antique window. 

Dreamy Whites
This lovely table setting is perfect for Spring. The white ceramics are beautiful, and the lilac's are even better. Here are some of the items you will need to duplicate this space:
This table setting is very easy to duplicate. I have always believed that when you don't force a table setting, it looks natural. Less can definitely be more, and don't try to force it.  If you notice this setting, there is room to breathe.  There isn't so much on the table that you can still actually see the table.  Fill those mason jars with lemon aid, and your ready for a Sunday Spring Brunch.  Add some macaroons or petite fours, and your golden!

Now for the DIY's. 

One spring item that I love, is this amazing DIY tulip wreath that is not only easy to put together, but inexpensive, and will brighten up and liven up your front door.  Some of the item's you will need for this tutorial are: 

Follow along with the tutorial, and you will have a great wreathe to grace the front door and welcome your guests.  (Including the Easter Bunny!)  If you don't want to use only tulips, then shop around Michael's or Hobby Lobby and find a spring assortment that will make you happy. Hydrangeas, lilac's, lilies, any spring bloom will look great. 

This next DIY is fabulous. It includes Mason Jars.  How can you go wrong with Mason Jars? Painted Mason Jars are a big trend right now.  Forth this DIY, you will need the following: 
Now, be sure to follow along the tutorial.  This tutorial has you paint the interior of the mason jar, but you can also paint the exterior and sand some areas for a more shabby chic distressed look. If you go that route, I would recommend Chalk Paint

Happy Spring and Happy Decorating!