Tuesday, March 22

Color Optional

Contemporary Bathroom by Jeanette Cataldo (HGTV)
I recently moved into a new apartment, and promptly decided to design my bathroom using only black and white, and I love it!  I always have loved this color scheme.  I chose it because I am currently renting and don't have a lot of freedom with permanent fixtures (such as the vanity, counters, and paint), so the space is decorated using accessories and art.

My mother came over to see, and said that I can't design a room without color. I decided this would be a great idea for a blog post, so here I am, to tell her (and everyone else) how beautiful a black and white room really can be, that color, so to speak, is optional.  Not only is black and white actually a color, but they are an excellent color scheme for a bathroom, and actually a rather popular color scheme.

Color doesn't make the room, the design and presentation makes the room.  The effectiveness of the accessories and the art on the wall.  Just because you may not be able to paint or change out the vanity and top, doesn't mean you can't have an effective space.  In a bathroom, you can do as I did, put up black and white photographs, the use of a shower curtain, and other accessories.  
Bianco Carrara - Arizona Tile and Stone

Many visual can be done with black and white, just like a room with color.  You can visually raise or lower a ceiling, create a visually larger or smaller space, etc.  Often my clients love a painted black cabinet with a white Carrara marble counter top.

This color theme, monochromatic neutral, can be seen in any type of interior, whether it is formal, informal, traditional or modern contemporary.  When done properly, whether professionally or not, these interiors can be breathtaking and beautiful.

Enjoy your space.  Enjoy your colors, even if they are black and white.