Monday, April 11

Steam, a guilty pleasure.

Today, you hear of many great steam products. So what's the big deal? What can stream do for you? Well here is the scoop on steam, a guilty pleasure.  Steam can be integrated into almost any room in the house, and is functional in many ways.  From cooking a meal, to cleaning the dishes it was cooked on.  It is also a great relaxation tool in the bathroom, as well as an exceptional laundry tool.  Steam can also be a great cleaning tool for all of that tile in the bathroom, and the stainless in the kitchen.  This article is all about steam, and what it can do for you, in all areas of the house.

In the kitchen:
Steam Ovens:
Why would any home owner want to put a steam oven on their kitchen? Especially if they don't steam their vegetables all the time. Well, have I got news for you. Steam isn't just for rice and veggies, you can steam an entire meal quickly and easily, from sea food, to the veggies and rice, of course.  If you do choose to get a steam oven, be sure to check out all of the amazing and easy recipes at Miele Steam Oven | Recipes.  Steam ovens are typically built into a cabinet much like a wall oven, or they can be placed on a counter top.

There are two types of steam dishwashers on the market today. So here is a breakdown so that when you go shopping, you get the one that's best for you. The differences are simple, steam before or after the wash cycle. Before the cycle helps to break up baked and caked on left overs, like that casserole dish. Steam after a cycle helps to avoid water spots.  Steam after the cycle generally runs in Whirlpool Corporation brand units like Maytag, KitchenAid, and of course Whirlpool. If your looking for steam before the wash cycle, stick with brands like GE or LG.  When selecting something used as often as a dishwasher, be sure to communicate with the sales professional that you want a specific effect.  This is also when good research on your part will come in handy.
Mr. Steam

In the bathroom:
Steam Showers:
Did you know you can bring the steam shower home from the spa? Well you can. Why not add that extra bit of luxury to your master retreat, along with body sprays and rain shower heads? Mr. Steam's line of remotely controlled, aroma and chroma (smell and colored lights) stream systems are more affordable than most people think, and easier to integrate as well.  These systems can be added to any retreat.  Especially if you are planning a bathroom remodel, it is the best time to incorporate the spa, right in your own home.  

In the laundry room:
Ever wonder how to get those nasty stains out? Well, one feature of steam is its micro sized particles, that can get deep down into even the tightest of fabric weaves, thus getting it cleaner than hot water alone.  Another nice feature of steam in a washer, is the internal hot water heater, boosting the temperature of the water, hotter than what your whole house water heater is set to, which gets many allergens out of the clothes.  This is a great feature if you, or someone in your household, has really bad allergies.  If the water going into the machine isn't about 200 degrees, not all particles of dust, dander, etc are getting washed out. Next time you have a nasty stain, try steaming it out.  Typically steam washers start at about $999.  Steam washers are available from all major brands, including General Electric, LG, Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, etc.

Why would you want steam in your dryer, since your washer already has it? Why would you use damp steam to dry your clothes anyway? That doesn't even make sense. Yes it does! Look at it from this angle. Remember when you got married, you didn't press that white ball gown, you steamed it. Now, think about that one shirt that has to be ironed every time it comes out of the closet. Well, now you can multi-task. Throw that blouse into the dryer on a quick steam cycle while you are doing your hair or make up. Steam in dryers also works great to get the stale out of couch cushions, stuffed animals, pillows, and sleeping bags, assuming the capacity is large enough.  Like the steam washers, dryers typically start at about $999 and are available from all major manufacturers.  Don't have a grand to shell out on a dryer?  One trick I have found works well, when you need to steam that blouse before work, throw it in any old dryer with a wet wash rag.

For the rest of the house:
Steam Mops:
Shark is a manufacturer of steam mops and cleaners. They work great on hardwood, natural stone, ceramics and porcelain tile, grout, and of course, stainless steel. Who wouldn't want a versatile cleaning product that cab clean all these surfaces with just water? That's right, no chemicals required!