Thursday, May 26

My Favorite Color

When someone asks me what my favorite color is, it's very hard for me to say.  I love them all.  When I go into The Home Depot, I often just stand in front of the Behr display taking in all of the colors and shades.  I suppose if I had to choose just one color, it would be a light shade of blue.  I love it when paired with many colors, including chocolate brown.

A mood board, created by Sarah G.
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I know, this color isn't on the cutting edge of design, and has been done a million times, but I always find myself attracted to it.  I associate it to a summer sky, or the crystal clear waters in some tropical paradise.  When paired with the tan's and browns, maybe that is the straw huts jetting over those crystal clear waters, or even the pier.  Like so many have said, nature is the best way to look for cutting edge colors, because after all, Mother Nature was the original artist.