Monday, July 11

Alternative Countertop Options

Looking for a countertop?  There is a lot more out there than Granite, Quartz, and Corian.  While, yes, those are amazing surfaces, there are some others out there to consider when selecting a surface for your kitchen.  All of the materials I will show in this article are recycled, sustainable, and will count toward a LEED certified project.  So if your looking for a fun, Environmentally Friendly surface, get started here!

Eco is a durable surface that is 75% recycled content.  That content is post-industrial or post-consumer materials including mirrors, windshields, windows, bottles, and porcelain, and is bound by a resin which comes from corn oil.  It is an ideal substitute for natural or engineered stone.  The products used in ECO have :reached the end of their life cycle," and are being saved from landfills.  The standard finish of this material is gloss, and this material is 2cm thick.  This surface is a fun new way to gain points toward your LEED certification.
Eco by Cosentino

This surface is a little more commonly known.  This product is produced using strict green building and environmental standards.  It is about 85% recycled material, including glass.  There is no off-gassing or VOC's. The standard finish of this stone is gloss, and the material is 3cm thick.  Vetrazzo surfaces can also contribute to your LEED certification points.

Known as a sustainable countertop material, but is so much more, including public restroom partitions, tabletops, signs, etc.  It is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and a proprietary PetroFree (tm) resins.  Completely sustainable, and a solid surface material, and is LEED certified.

A natural granite-like appearance, Shetkastone uses recycled paper for many uses including tables, countertops, molding, tiles, and vanities.  The materials are 100% post-consumer and industrial paper recycled fibers.  The impact on the environment is minimal.  The binders are a plastic polyester.  There are a variety of finishes available, and there is zero VOC's and it contains no formaldehyde.  Shetkastone is also recyclable by returning it to the manufacturer, who will then turn it into another surface.  Shetkastone can also contribute to your LEED certification.  

This Cradle to Cradle (TM) Gold certified product is manufactured of 100% recycled glass mixed in a cement matrix.  It collects hundreds of tons of glass from landfills every year.  The green renovated, day-lit manufacturing facility is located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Classic and contemporary styles can be used in both the kitchen and the bath, as well as desks and table tops.  This material can also contribute to your LEED points and certification.