Friday, December 9

Green Products for Baby (and the rest of the house!)

Every new mom has a lot on her plate.  It is very overwhelming, and there are a lot of products out there to make an absolutely lovely nursery, but how do you know what is safe for your baby?  Aside from the ever useful tip of paint early, and get that bedding out of the packaging for off-gassing as early as possible.  I also have some other great and environmentally friendly products to help you out.  Now of course, the ever "Green" option is to obviously reuse products that not only have had the chance to off gas, and your not wasting resources to generate new products.  I am posting this for those of you who don't want to take hand me downs from complete strangers, like myself, who doesn't have friends or family with small children to get those hand me downs from.  
The Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Zero VOC Interior Paint is a great way to paint up that nursery and not have to worry about the paint harming your little ones lungs. Especially if you are facing moving right before or after the birth of your families new addition.  What else is great, this paint can be whipped up into any Sherwin Williams color or sheen, or matched to the color in that bedding set you just picked up.  Another added bonus, this paint has excellent touch-up abilities, which will be great in a kids room.

The Absolutely Organic Crib Mattress is a healthy mattress that is waterproof (for those nigh time accidents) non-toxic, and stain resistant.  At about $260, this mattress is a great hypoallergenic solution for the crib.  (That's right, no Latex and no Wool!)  This mattress also includes a built in fire protection system.  Absolutely Organic Baby also makes changing pads and covers, and bedding sets.   

The Naturally Organic Crib Bedding available at The Clean Bedroom offers multiple bedding options that are free from chemical treatments.  This bedding is made from organic cotton and come in nursery inspired colors.  The Clean Bedroom also offers organic plush toys for baby, as well as ventilation systems where needed or desired.

When looking for carpet for my new home, as well as the future addition to my family, I kept getting recommendations for Martha Stewart Living's line of carpets available from The Home Depot.  While this carpeting isn't completely zero VOC, it is an environmentally and Eco safe option that is not only recyclable, it is durable, resilient, and comes with a lifetime stain protection, which we all can agree is great for any child's room.