Monday, December 10

A Style Defined: French Country

I have had a few clients ask me to help them define their style.  While most are eclectic these days, taking elements they like from all styles, some do actually have a specific design theme in mind.  This sparked a new idea for a series of posts,  A Style Defined, a series of posts giving examples and definitions of great styles across the generations, and the world. 

French Country is obviously a style that comes from just that, the rolling hills and country side of France.  Many of the pieces look collected, with minimal matching pieces.  It features a flair of sophistication and balance, while maintaining that old world charm. While the furnishings are elegant, they are also highly functional, sometimes serving multiple purposes.  There are various tones of distressed woods, and aged metals.  The design incorporates charming characteristics such as ruffled trims, and shows both subtle hues as well as vibrant colors.  Ghingam prints are often seen in these interior spaces, and other elements are natural, like terra cotta tiles and earthy tones.  Some of the motif's of the French Country design include roosters and grapes, as well as toile designs.  The design also features a lot of flowers and floral elements.