Friday, May 6

The D-I-Y Diva takes The Orange Box

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, the orange box is turning a little powder blue inside. The amount of products lining the shelves of your local Home Depot are more and more by the D-I-Y Diva herself, Martha Stewart. It seems as though every department has some contribution. Now whether your a designer or a D-I-Yer, here is how MSL can help you coordinate, all in one place. 

I will start first on the kitchen. As we all know, Martha Stewart Cabinetry is available only at The Home Depot, and also includes MSL specific Corian™ colors which coordinate with the cabinetry.  Now, the MSL line of cabinets are inspired by kitchens owned by Martha herself. There is also a variety of cabinet hardware, and of course, the cabinets are welcome in the bathroom.

The next department selling products by Martha include the paint department.  Now of course we see the Behr Premium Ultra paint and primer in one, but you also have a large selection of Martha inspired paints.  Be sure to check out the symbols on the corner of the paint chip. These symbols help you coordinate colors of paint together along with cabinets, counter top's, and even the wide selection of patio furniture.  The paint is available in all of the popular sheen's you are used to, and they even have sample sizes for you to to try out.

The MSL Coordination symbols. 
That brings us to the last department sporting the most Martha products, garden. Of course the D-I-Y Diva is found in the garden area.  Like I said before, she has a wits variety of patio furniture available, both on stock and online.  Now this isn't just table and chair sets, this is full on outdoor living at its finest. Couches, coffee tables, chaise loungers, a whole outdoor living space experience.  The coloring of the furniture and cushions coordinate with the colors of her other collections, and like I stated previously, help a D-I-Yer create a whole living space that flows well, with minimal help.

Not only does Martha Stewart have great products to spruce up your house, but to help keep it clean too.  Me sure to check by The Home Depot cleaning aisle to see Martha Stewart's line of cleaning products that not only are effective, but also environmentally friendly.