Thursday, May 26

KBIS Show Highlights

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show is like a large playground for any Kitchen and Bath Designer.  The product is not limited to the kitchen and bath, but it is geared toward that market.  Here is some of the product I found most amazing, and can't wait to use in my designs.

Textures - Cedros, Blocks on Point

Wall paper is back, and Vahallan Papers is an amazing product, with great installation techniques and looks.  One look at their product gallery will tell you, this isn't your mothers wall paper.  With several options of colors, patterns, textures, and weaves, this product is versatile, and unique.  Vahallan Papers was established in 1997, and is currently distributed in over 25 countries.  

Through the gallery, and after looking at their product application, these papers aren't even installed the same way your mother's wall paper was installed.  They can be torn and installed in sections, as blocks, circles, etc.  Because of the custom hand painted texture and patterns, these papers shouldn't be installed in the traditional manner.  The installation patterns that are recommended by Vahallan include: Random Torn, Asymmetric Block, Symmetric Block, and Circles.  

The feedback I received from several designers at the very busy and crowded Vahallan booth, was excitement over wall paper, and the unique look and feel.  The designers were experiencing love at first sight with this amazing product, that can easily be used all over the house, not just in the kitchen and bath.  

Brianna Vessel Sink in Black Nickel

I have always been completely obsessed with unique glass products, and JSG Oceana creates great decorative products for the Kitchen and Bath, including lavatory sinks, vessel sinks, kitchen and bar sinks, tile, medallions, and other decorative glass products. Their color scheme is truly unique, including 24K Gold or Platinum.  The sinks can be transparent, opaque, or translucent, and can range in thicknesses.  

JSG Oceana is located in Jeanette, PA, and was founded in 1904, and all of their product is made in the U.S.A.  The sinks are made with a product called "Hard Roc" which has several great benefits to any home owner.   The first benefit is, Hard Roc is more scratch and stain resistant than Porcelain or Stainless Steel, which is great when used in a Kitchen or Bath.  Hard Roc is also non porous, so it won't absorb chemicals or liquids.  The JSG Oceana Sinks are also thermal shock resistant, which is great for kitchen use.  These products are all made using recycled glass and are recyclable, lead free, and Green.   

Think Glass - Artistic Kitchen Countertop

I have already said, I love glass!  ThinkGlass is a great solution, which has custom colors, shapes, and more.  This material can be used in the kitchen and bath as a counter or bar top, including floating bar tops.  ThinkGlass can even be used outdoors and on back splashes. Other areas of use you can find ThinkGlass include commercial installations such as bar's and nightclub's, restaurants and even in health care, such as reception desks, and in doctors offices and examination rooms.  This product can also be used in murals, sculpture, furniture, flooring, and even on walls in fountains and windows.  If you can dream it up, and draw it, they can probably make it.  
JP Paury Pastry Fountain by ThinkGlass

I saw their fountain located at the JP Maury Pastry at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, and was fascinated.  It is a dark and light chocolate fountain as a window display, and to me, is more amazing that Willy Wonka's Factory.  When going to Las Vegas, this is a definite must see.   

Tile shower bases are great, but hot mopping is not.  Enter Tile Redi Shower Bases.  These bases are designed to be tiled over, and a great alternative to hot mopping.  This product is a One-Piece module that is pre-formed, molded, with fully integrated drains and curbs, splash walls, and pitching.  They are leak-proof and mold-free.  They require no additional on-site waterproofing.  They are easy to install, requiring no mud base, no hot mop or vinyl liners.   Their product includes Single Curb Shower Pans, Bathtub Replacement, and Barrier Free.  Tile Redi also has designer drain covers, shampoo and soap niche's, and custom shower pans.  These easy to install products are great for designers, contractors, hospitality, and even as a DIY for home owners.