Friday, May 20

What a Chandelier!

Lui' Suspension by SLAMP @ Lumens
I have always thought that chandeliers were too formal, and didn't have their place in most homes, just in formal  multi million dollar mansions.  However, recently, I am seeing more and more contemporary chandeliers that are stunningly beautiful, and can fit in almost any interior, no matter the decor, even in more casual environments.  Chandeliers are becoming fun, modern, and one of my favorite pieces to look for and find for the interiors and projects that I work on.  Not only are they a great source of light, but they can also be a focal or art piece, right there, hanging in the center of the room.

Tips for finding a chandelier:  Be sure it's the right size for the room.  It's great to have the dimensions of the room handy when looking for a new chandelier.  If the fixture is too small, it will get lost, and if it is too large, it will over power the room.  You want to also be sure it doesn't hang too low in a room, and provide an obstacle for taller visitors.

Bellasera by Minka Lavery @ Lumens 
Though yes, those crystal pieces are still absolutely stunning, and I love to see them placed.  They look great in dining rooms, entry ways, almost anywhere.  I love the way the light picks up on all of the intricate glass pieces, and the way they sparkle.  The more and more I visit showrooms like Lumens and Ferguson's, I realize that those lovely crystal pieces I always thought were too formal for most houses, are starting to lend themselves to more casual interiors.   Chandeliers also have found a home not only in the formal rooms like formal dining and entry ways, but also bedrooms and even bathrooms.

So, you want to get a chandelier now right?  Do you want to know where I go to look at lighting?  Some of my favorite places include Lumens Light + Living, Kichler Lighting, and Cartier Lighting, just to name a few.   Also, be sure to check out Chandelier Tips to be sure you select the right sized fixture for your space.