Tuesday, June 21

Mosaic Walls

L'Antic Colonial, Baccarat White
Looking for something fun and unique to do to that focal point wall?  Sure you can paint it a fun color, be it a faux finish, or some fun design or mural.  Wall paper is always an option, and is making a come back.  However, you are wanting something different in this space.  Something you haven't done before in either this home, or a previous home.  Why not cover that wall from ceiling to floor with a fun tile mosaic.

This is one trend I am fascinated with, and you will see a lot of posts about tile coming in the next few weeks. Tile isn't necessarily the trend, it's the textures, metallics, mosaic, and flexibility.  Not only is this wall covering easy for any home owner to install, the look has so many options, manufacturers, textures, designs, colors, and styles, your sure to not have the same wall as your neighbor.  Like paint, the possibilities are endless.

L'Antic Colonial, Noohn Moon Glacier Glass Mosaic
Some of the tile materials that are available on the market today include:

  - Ceramic
  - Porcelain
  - Glass
  - Marble
  - Slate
  - Travertine
  - Onyx
  - Metal
  - and so many more.

So what is a mosaic?  Simply put, mosaic's are smaller tiles put together on a mesh mat backer.  They are installed very simply, because that mesh is often designed to fit together, seamlessly, on your surface. Sometimes the mesh is shaped like the product to the right, and other times, they are rectangular in shape, that fit together using spacers just like any other traditional tile.  

Mosaic tiles are great when used as walls in any room in the house.  They look great on fireplaces, back splashes, shower and bathroom walls, dining rooms, living rooms, and so much more.  They even are great in commercial applications, such as around bar's, column's and pillars, bathroom walls, reception desks, etc.  So next time you are looking at something to do for a wall, don't just think about how to paint that surface, think about tile.  Tile isn't just the white 4x4 anymore.  Have fun with your tile, have fun with your space!  

Paradox Collection by Hakatai Enterprises, Inc. 
Stacked Pebble by Island Stone