Thursday, June 23

Solid Surface Shower Surrounds

Tired of all that grout in your shower?  Want something other than a "cheap acrylic liner," but not sure what products are out there?  Here are some alternatives that are sure to catch your attention.

Marlique by Cosentino
Marlique is a very affordable options, that is an enhanced marble, which is created with a special process for an enhanced surface that is more durable than traditional marble.  It has a smooth surface and is perfect for all area's of the bathroom, including shower and tub surrounds, vanity tops, and even flooring.  Because Marlique doesn't absorb liquids as much as traditional marble, has little maintenance (that's right, no polishing, no special cleaning!), and is scratch and stain resistant, it is a top choice.  Marlique is simply cleaned with a damp cloth.  If you are interested in this cutting edge material, be sure to check out their website.

Corian by DuPont
Did you think Corian was just for your kitchen counter, or doctors offices?  You couldn't be more wrong.  This durable, low maintenance surface is available in many different installations, including shower surrounds.  With over 100 color options, the only problem you will have with selecting a Corian shower surround will be trying to figure out which color fits the decor of the space perfectly.   Be sure to take a look at their site and explore the possibilities.  Some comparable products can include other acrylic surfaces like LG Hi Macs, Samsung Staron, and more.

Looking for something a little more D-I-Y friendly?  Take a look at Swanstone Products.  These products are simple to install, and pretty much maintenance free.  This line of products includes shower pans and tubs, and they come in easy to customize, but standard sizes.  There are different textures available, ranging from tile, geometric, bead board, or smooth.  Get a traditional shower pan, or even a barrier free, barrier free design.  Swanstone, like Corian, is an acrylic product line that offers a full array of products including benches, seats, niche's, and window's.  They even offer kitchen sinks, vanity tops and sinks, and commercial products.  Their website has all the information, so be sure to check it out.

So, where do you go from here?  I would suggest visiting a bath showroom, and see what they have to offer, and see what other products are available.  Just because I covered these three products, doesn't mean there aren't a lot more options available.