Tuesday, June 7

My Favorite Show on Television

I must say, I have a long list of Guilty Pleasures when it comes to TV, and I often call them my Trashy Daytime TV, because I watch them when my other half is off working.  Since this is an Interior Design Blog, maybe I will keep these guilty pleasures on topic, and none of these shows can be found on HGTV.

Personally, I am not an obsessive compulsive, overly clean type, however my house is a far cry from a horders.  I will say, however, I do love the shows about clutter, like Horders, and number one on that list, is Clean House.  Aside from the goofiness of the cast, I enjoy mostly the before and afters, and Mark Burnetz has some ideas that I do enjoy seeing.  It's fun to see how a leaning tower of pizza boxes clothes and trash can turn into a boutique hotel style living room or a master retreat anyone would love to retreat to.

Some of my other "Guilty Pleasures" include The Real Housewives of [insert city here].  And your probably thinking, how does that have anything to do with design?  Hello, have you seen their houses?  They all are women with large well designed houses, or apartments.  The kitchens in Orange County and Beverly Hills are amazing, as well as the rest of the interiors of these large homes.   Any designer would dream of having these 'sets' in our portfolio.

Not one of my guilty pleasures, but I will watch some of the fashion shows also, to see what is hot on the runways, because as we all know, what's on the runway today is going to end up in the living room tomorrow.