Friday, June 24

Using Florals in Your Design

I love flowers.  They are like a breath of fresh air.  They bring light and life to any interior.  I like to use flowers in every room that I do.  Whether it is in art, or a bouquet, they are in there.  Even my small bathroom has two large photographs printed on canvas of Calla Lillie's.  Here are some great artistic pieces that use flowers and natural elements, by LDF Silk.  

#FL2074 Hanging Birch Branches with Hanging Globes with Orchids in Resin
38" x 72" x 13" $799

#FL1370 Purple Orchid with Anthroium Leaf in Handcrafted Honduran Pot
10" x 18" x 9" $175

#FL2008 White Orchids, Calla Lillies, and Dasies with Anthroium Leaves in  a Curved Glass Vase with Resin
33" x 27" x 20" $765

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