Saturday, June 25

Add Definition with 3D Tile

Why settle for a boring flat wall?  Why not add definition and texture with 3D tiles, also called relief tiles.  They create visual interest and a focal point.  Here are some products and images to get you started with this fun and exciting new trend.  Also, be sure to read my previous post on Mosaic Walls, to see even more ways to have fun with 3D tiles and Mosaics.

Vicente Wolf Textures
by: Ann Sacks

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This fun tile comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from whites to blues, reds, and greens.  The collection has several different textures to choose from, all available in a 6x6 installation.  Great on a focal point wall, as a back splash, fireplace, or even a bathroom.

Barbara Barry Frame
by: Ann Sacks

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This fun mosaic tile is available in a variety of shapes and patterns, and a wide variety of muted colors, like White, Ivory, Parchment, Blush, and sand.  The muted colors range from white, to green, pinks and browns, greens, to chocolate.

I have seen these tiles installed, and they are very fun, and can be installed in a traditional or contemporary space, making them a great choice for any interior space.

Eurasia Mosaic Factory

Moon Glacier Metallic Black by Porcelanosa, USA