Monday, July 18

Green Lights

So, with my readers loving my lighting posts, and with the ever growing trend in Environmental and Green Living, I decided to combine the two, a post on Green Lighting.  If you want to see actual green lights, this probably isn't the place to go, but if you want to see lighting fixtures created with the earth in mind, then continue browsing.

The Cyclone Chandelier by 2nd Ave. Lighting measures 96" high and 72" in diameter.  It starts out at $22,050.00 and features 36-60W Candelabra incandescent bulbs.  2nd Ave. Lighting provides fluorescent lights with electric ballasts and retrofit designs to reduce energy consumption.  Their water or powder based paints are used exclusively, and solder for brass braising process is lead free.
The Cascade Ellips Chandelier by Bodner Chandeliers measures 36" w x 14" d x 21" h.  The manufacturer is located in Ventura California, and is dedicated to creating custom one of a kind fine art chandeliers, sconces and pendants.  Materials used include 98% post consumer recycled metals and are fully renewable/recyclable.  
eluma Illuminated Backsplash by Element Designs features an aluminum frame with an LED illuminated acrylic insert  and Lumicor Serengeti Overlay.  This fixture features recycled content and no VOC's.  
The Spin Pendant lighting by Lampa start at $450.  These fun pendant lights are available in a variety of colors and are 12".  They come with a 21w LED light and are composed of renewable sources.  

The Baskets of Knowledge by wakaNINE, LLC are a fun lighting option that measures 32"W and 82"H.  These hanging lamps are lighted by a low wattage LED light source,  and are manufactured in a green environment using green products, shipping, and finishes.  
This Lotus Fixture by Fire Farm Lighting is a custom fabricated piece and was designed and fabricated with the carbon footprint in mind.  This dimmable fluorescent, high-output light is a great option and focal piece.