Wednesday, August 31

The Colorful Countertop

Looking to add a little color to your kitchen or bath?  Why stick to the same old browns and beige's?  There is color brewing from many of the top countertop surface providers, and now is the time to make a statement.  Many of the surfaces featured are also great for any LEED projects, so not only are they beautiful, they are also environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.    

The Corian Illumination Series features several colors and patterns in soft pastel colors that look great with back lighting.  These tops would be a great addition to any vanity or island as an accent.  They have also been featured in several commercial applications including bars, restaurants, and hospitals.    Like any other Corian color, this collection features a seamless appearance.  Like many other surfaces, Dupont Corian has several products that are environmentally friendly.    
The Silestone Life Series by Cosentino features colors like Fun (Pictured Above) as well as Enjoy (Blue), Vital (Red), Cool (Orange) and Dream (Yellow).  These colors do bring the "Life" to your space with vibrant colors and little maintenance.   Silestone is also an environmentally friendly counter surface.  
ThinkGlass by Mailhot creates custom Glass countertops with a mixture of custom colors to create a focal point in the kitchen, and a statement.  Each countertop is custom, and allows the designer or home owner to design a custom look for each installation.  This product is also 100% recycled materials and goes toward LEED points.  
Onyx counter surfaces come in an array of colors and patterns typically of earth tones, however some do feature greens purples and blues.  These tops can also be lit from below to create an accent piece, focal point, as well as accent lighting.