Friday, August 12


Tired of the same old builder grade tub you've had in nearly every house you've lived in?  That same tub you've seen in apartments?  It's the basic tub, but it's not the only tub.  Even if that is the size you need,
there are a lot of other options out there, that most people didn't even know about.  

The Good Old Fashioned Soaker, a typically deeper tub that allows the user to submerge into water.  These tubs offer a great relaxing experience, and are typically less expensive than many jetted and massaging options.

Duravit Daro Series Soaking Tub in Acrylic 
The true traditional soaker, the American Standard Reminiscence claw foot tub, starting at $2000

The whirlpool tub, often called a Jacuzzi, is a popular option that creates a spa like atmosphere in any bathroom.  Made by many of the leading tub manufacturers, these tubs are great therapy, and come in many shapes and sizes as well as installation options.  These tubs use whirlpool jets to cycle water through the tub.  The jets are adjustable, so the jets can be directed to hurting areas such as lower backs, shoulders, etc.  Be sure to get an in line water heater to maintain the temperature, because with out it, the bath may not last as long, as the water does get cold fast.  While these tubs do require a little more maintenance than other models, the maintenance is minimal and very simple.

The Sia by Jacuzzi starts at about $5000

Bubble massagers, another tub that creates a spa like atmosphere and experience, are typically lower maintenance than whirlpool options, and also less expensive.  These tubs use tiny pin holes to deliver air through the water creating a carbonation like massage.

The Kohler Sunward starting at $2000
The third option for massaging experiences in the bath tub, is a new technology from Kohler, the VibrAcoustic tubs, including the Fountainhead tub.  The first tub to offer the technology uses sound waves to produce the massaging effect.  The Fountainhead tub is the first and only tub available with this technology, and was introduced at the 2011 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.  There are going to be more options available with this technology by next year, including options that fit into the same spot as the standard tub opening.

The Fountainhead VibrAcoustic tub by Kohler starting at around  starting at around $8,500.

The last style of tub that is sweeping the market is the walk in tubs available from many vendors.  This quick draining tub features a door so you can walk in an out, with out having to step over a high side.  These tubs are great for users with limited mobility.  Available as standard soaking tubs or equipped with whirlpool jets, these are a great addition into any home designed for aging in place.

Walk in tubs by Safety Tubs