Friday, September 9

The Wallpaper Come Back

Wall paper is making a come back, and the products are like nothing you have ever seen before.  Fun metallics, textures, prints, and installation styles.  These products aren't from that 1980's bathroom, or farm house style borders, they are unique and can turn any room into a statement.

This installation by Vahallan Papers shows their circle installation, using circles of wallpaper overlapping.  These hand made papers are a unique.  Vahallan offers several different texture styles as well as shapes including rectangles, circles, squares, and traditional rolls.  Some installation includes tearing the traditional rolls, which is pictured below.  

The Teatro Wallpaper Collection from  Osborne & Little features bold colors and patterns that would accent any room with flair.  The Manzoni pattern Collection pictured above is adorned with metallic tones.  
The Ophelia Twilight pattern from Graham and Brown (Priced from $155/Roll) features high contrast.  Graham and Brown produces Environmentally Friendly wall coverings.  Learn more here.     
The Spa Pastel pattern, also from Graham and Brown (From $50/Yd) also shows the metallic finishes.  Graham and Brown produces Environmentally Friendly wall coverings.  Learn more here.   
The Pomegranate finish in the Arbors Collection by Wallteriors Handcrafted Wallcoverings is a hand made paper that can be installed uniquely by either cutting the pieces into smaller squares, traditional strip styles, or ripped.  (Priced from $46/yd)