Thursday, September 8

Copper, Gold, Silver, Oh My!

When looking to brighten up a space, and add some formal elements, look to metallic finishes and accents, including Copper, Silver, and Gold.  The highly reflective surface will brighten up a space, and they add formal appeal.  

The Urban Contemporary Nesting Tables from Drexel Heritage is a great grouping of nesting tables that lend themselves well to many interior spaces.  Priced from $1,319.  
This arrangement by LDF Silk features silver wire balls and blue reindeer moss in an metallic silver ceramic container.    This accessory can be placed in nearly any room.  Priced from $165
The Mallory Chair by Drexel Heritage Furniture features gold leafing and a gold fabric upholstery, which even if used as an accent chair, and provides a nice splash and accent.  This piece is priced from $1,279 and can be customized. 

Copper is a new trend in plumbing fixtures, including the Atocha Copper Soaking Bath by Diamond Spas.   
The Looking Glass of Silver Mirror by Drexel Heritage Furniture features mostly silver, and some gold accents.  This piece is a great accent to any room in the house, and a great example of metallic accents.  Priced from $1,339 
The Solaris Chandelier by Crystorama Lighting is a fun piece to add some silver  and chrome accent to any contemporary space.  Priced from $350
Bringing the reflective surfaces up, metallic ceiling tiles like the Regal Tiles by Tin Ceiling Xpress Inc. is a great place to start.  The company also makes more contemporary patterns as well, and these products can be used on ceilings, walls, back splashes, etc.  Priced from under $10