Friday, July 27

Bars and Wine Cellars

We work hard, and when we come home, we want to relax, unwind, and maybe even play hard.  So the best space for that would obviously be a bar or wine cellar in your home.  These spaces can be magnificent and a focal point for your entertaining space.  These spaces don't have to be banned to the "Man Cave," either!  Bring them out and let the fun and party begin.  Have a wine tasting in your own home, no limo needed.

Your cellar can be equipped with a small tasting table like this design.
This Mediterranean Inspired Wine Cellar is designed by
Compassionate Arts Tile and Stone in Los Angeles, CA 

This Traditional Wine Cellar is designed by
Austin Interior Designer, Cravotta Studios - Interior Design

Wine cellars don't have to be ornate, they can be modern and minimal also.
This Modern Wine Cellar is designed by
San Francisco Architect, Fulcrum Structural Engineering

This amazing design doesn't lend itself to a wine tasting party, however  it is a
great conversation piece, and a true work of architectural art.
(Designer Unknown)

This Traditional Bar is great for the entertaining space and parties.
This design is by San Francisco Architect, Sutton Suzuki Architects
This Entertaiment Center creatively doubles as a bar.
Design by Charleston Interior Designer, Alix Bragg Interior Design
This Contemporary bar uses the space below a staircase.
Design by San Francisco Architect, Buttrick Wong Architects

This unique design both has wine storage, and wine displays.
This Traditional Design is by Boston Kitchen and Bath Designer,  Divine Kitchens LLC