Tuesday, July 24

The New Home Office

There was once a time when a small desk in the kitchen was desirable. Then everyone found out this clutter-collecting space was just that, a clutter collector, and always a mess. Then people wanted them out. Swapping their small desk for more usable storage, like a pantry, buffet, or even a bar inspired space. So what happened to the small office? Many were moved down the hall into a spare bedroom, forced to share with guests when they arrive. Great, now the guests are forced to look at the piles of unpaid bills and unfiled paperwork. There must be a better solution. Enter the newest trend in small home offices.

The home office doesn't have to be as big as its own bedroom.  They can be tucked away in a spare closet, hidden down a hall, and exuisitely stuffed into any unused corner.  While yes, wherever the home office ends up, it can still lead to the desk of clutter (if you let it), the task is finding somewhere to not only fit the office, but hide the clutter too.

This small office area, hidden in the space under the stairs.
This contemporary space is designed by London Interior Designer, Kia Designs

A small nook can be used to hide an office, and many times can be constructed if there isn't already space.
This traditional home office is designed by Minneapolis Architect, Murphy & Co. Design

A larger walk in pantry can alwasy share with the home office.
This traditional space is also designed by Murphy & Co. Design 

A niche is always a great space to hide an office space.
This transitional space designed by Minneapolis Designer, Martha O'Hara Interiors

This excellent solution places a small office space at the end of a tall cabinet, like a pantry, refrigerator, or oven.
This traditional design is by Dura Supreme Cabinetry  

This small office space shows how a small closet can be utilized.
This space is by Bon Bon Living. 

Another small office space utilizing a small closet.
Design by iheartorganizing