Wednesday, August 15

A Bar in SketchUp

I have been trying to find a good drafting program that is affordable.  SketchUp meets all my requirements, but I just couldn't grasp the program itself.  This week, one of my last two weeks before returning to work after maternity leave, I decided to sit down and actually try.  Between bottle feedings, diaper changes, cleaning, and during nap time, I decided to work on something a little smaller than a kitchen, and chose to do a simple bar.

The Rendering (via Renditioner)
This simple bar features Kraftmaid Harrington Maple cabinets in Onyx, with a simple marble counter top and mosaic tile splash.  I am still learning the program, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  I explored the 3D Warehouse to find the cabinets, back splash, and accessories.  I drew the glass shelf and counter top on my own, and the crown moulding was a combination of the 3D Warehouse and my own drawing.

The Story Board
Copyright © 2012 Sarah George
All in all, I think that SketchUp is a great tool, it just needs some getting familiar with.  For the whopping price of FREE (!?!?!) the program itself is great.  I am excited with what I was able to do for my first serious attempt, and can't wait to keep going and find more.  Next will be to creating custom finishes and materials, and learn the crown molding better.