Friday, August 10

Upholstered Headboards

 I have been wanting to make an upholstered headboard, and thought it would be a great idea for a blog post, on how to make one.  But upon researching how to make one, I found a million online tutorials, and decided that there were just too many, why add one more.  I also found an excellent tutorial, that I would never be able to top, so I figured I would share it with some photographs for inspiration.

Do-It-Yourself Simple Tufted Headboard on Centsational Girl  
Her tutorial is complete with photographs and by far one of the best tutorials on the web.  Now that you have the resource to making your own amazing tufted headboard, here are some great inspirational photo's of some headboards you can easily make.  Also, be sure to check out's 13 Designs for Upholstered Headboards.  This article discusses purchasing an upholstered headboard, but it gives some great idea's and inspiration for the D-I-Yer.

This contemporary Headboard is designed by
Los Angeles Interior Designer Annette English 

One of my favorite designs, by
Dallas Interior Designer Emily Johnston Larkin

This amazingly whimsical headboard was designed by
New York Interior Designer Tara Seawright

This unique design was created by
Richmond Interior Designer Kirsten Nease Designs

This traditional design features a fun printed bed upholstery with solid bedding.
This design is by: Pacific Family Homes in Los Angeles.