Monday, December 31

Powder Rooms

Often times, the smallest room in the house can pack the biggest design punch. These tiny spaces are often hard to design and showcase due to their limited space.  However, when done right, can make the biggest impact. Why just stop with a simple pedestal sink and toilet? Why just paint the walls the same color as every other room in the house? The powder room is a great way to give your home some personality, and here are some tips, tricks, and inspiring ideas!

This traditional powder room shows
a Bombay style console with an
above counter vessel sink.
Designed by: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc

The Vanity
When it comes to the sink in a powder room, why settle with a simple pedestal sink from the hardware store?  Instead, you can add pop and storage with a great furniture inspired console vanity? The newest trend, recycling an old Bombay chest or other old furniture piece into a beautiful vanity complete with storage and design flair. The decorative elements including legs, hardware, and curves of these pieces are not to be forgotten.  The storage ads functionality to any bathroom leaving space to store spare rolls of paper, soap, cleaning supplies, and more.

The Sink
While I do love the simplicity of the Kohler Caxton Undermount Lavatory sink, there are thousands of other options that can be used in its place.  When the sink is going to be used solely to wash hands, why not think outside the box.  There are quite a few other materials for the bathroom sink outside the traditional vitreous China. Glass sinks, copper sinks, and even stone sinks are on the rise.

This modern powder room features
a wall mount pedestal sink and a
mosaic tiled wall.  Designed by:
Rachael Reider Interiors

The Walls
When looking at a small space like a powder room, you don't want to go too crazy with the walls, but going boring doesn't always work either.  Adding a pop of color, or even a fun print is often the best prescription for this tiny space.  Adding texture with tile, or pattern with wall paper keeps the room from being boring, and can add some personality to the space. 

The Faucet
There are thousands of faucets available on the market today.  With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, the possibilities are endless. I typically recommend using a single handle faucet, or something easy to use by all users.  Stay away from anything with knobs, or difficult to turn on and off.  Faucets are a quick way to update your existing powder bathroom, if a full remodel isn't an option. 

Traditinal Outdoor Lighting
A great Alternative to the traditional vanity light
Available at Lamps Plus

When designing a powder bathroom, accessories are also an important factor.  Don't go with a generic mirror.  Have fun, find interesting mirror shapes, sizes, frames, and mounting methods.  Also, have fun with hardware.  Don't forget to add out of the box lighting, towel rings, paper holders, and decorations.  Just because the powder room is shoved into a corner of the house, doesn't mean it can't have some of those great and functional accessories.  A towel ring is much better than having a towel folded on the countertop.  Pull in other matching accessories like a trip actuator for the toilet, and a paper holder.  Most faucet lines have matching accessories, so get the set.  If not, mix and match styles to suit your own tastes.  Look at antique stores or consignment shops for mirrors that you wouldn't traditionally see in a bathroom.  Look at all lighting, not just vanity lighting.  Some outdoor fixtures are beautiful, and shouldn't just be banned to the back yard.