Monday, February 25

A Style Defined: Tuscan

This kitchen was designed by
Austin Based Design Build Firm
JUAREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction  
I live in a suburb of Sacramento California, that is completely over run with these Tuscan and Mediterranean style homes.   The neighborhood shopping centers match the Italian styles, and it takes you away from your Northern California location, and transplants you in Italy.  I personally love it, but I know there are many other people who hate it.  While yes, we are all entitled to our own opinion, whether we like it or not, it isn't our opinion as to what Tuscan Style and Design really is.  Many home owners move into their Tuscan inspired tract homes, and start changing and tweaking them into contradictions, strictly because they don't know what "Tuscan" design really is.  

This rustic design style, and trend, comes right out of the rolling vineyard covered landscape of the Italian country side.  This rich style is consumed with warm shades like Terra Cotta, rusty reds, yellow, green, and plum shades.  The woods are deep and distressed.  Iron workings, and of course, you cant forget the motifs of roosters, and grapes.  Baskets of fruits, cutting boards with a variety of cheeses and crackers, and a display of wines are sure to be found in any Tuscan kitchen.  Built in architectural elements should also not be ignored.  Elements like beams on the ceilings, breath taking hoods, furniture inspired islands and details.  All of these are what is going to make your Tuscan inspired kitchen welcoming and beautiful.  

This kitchen designed by Architect 
Patio designed by Phoenix Architect
Don Ziebell

When designing outdoor spaces, Tuscan style is typically covered with natural elements and materials, including stone, water, and greenery.  Why skip on the details, why not include grapes, fountains, and an amazing view to top it off.

Stucco walls, tiled roofs, and more of those dark wooden elements.  Stone walkways, and of course, those great fountains.  Why not also include a wine barrel planter, or a large Terra Cotta pot with rosemary or other types of herbs and spices.

If your looking for more ideas for Tuscan inspired design, both in kitchens, living spaces, and exterior spaces, be sure to check out my idea book on below.