Wednesday, July 31

Adding Texture with Wall Paper

My guilty pleasure, like most of you, is Starbucks.  You may have noticed a lot of locations closing down for a week while they get a great makeover.  Well, my local Starbucks was one of those locations.  They opened back up with this amazing textured wall paper, thus sparking the topic of today's blog post.  As I am sure a lot of my readers know, I love the new wall paper.  (Not that floral crap my grandma had in her bathroom, but the new fun modern wall paper!)

Embossed Wallpaper
Wall paper is back with a vengeance.  I have people asking me about it nearly every day.  You can get all kinds of textures, like embossed, flocked, or even 3D wall panels.  I love flocked. Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for fuzzy things.  (Did someone say something about a fuzzy blanket?  No, what about fuzzy kittens?)  Flocked wall paper has a great edge to it.  I have even seen wall paper with flocked skulls! <--That's right, Flocked Skull wall paper by Graham and Brown
Flocked Wallpaper
Graham and Brown $85

When designing a space, texture not only add's a great tactile element, but it adds that visual interest that a space needs!  You can add texture simply with flooring, accessories, but why not wall coverings?  I don't see why not, do you?

Glitter Wall Paper
Utmost INC$500
Maleficent Flocked Wall Paper
by Wall Papers Direct
Enjoy wall paper. It has come a long way since the 1970's!