Monday, April 21

5 Must Have's for Your Next Kitchen

Technology and trends are changing constantly, and that is especially true for the kitchen.  Not only that, but semi custom and custom cabinet manufacturers are coming out with new space saving options for nearly everything.  From charging stations to toe kick drawers, there should be no excuse for wasted space. In today's kitchen, there is a place for everything!  Work with your designer to come up with solutions for even the most random of items you have.

LG Steam Dishwasher with 3rd Rack
1: Utensil Drawer in the Dishwasher!  Some dishwashers have a 3rd rack which is great for utensils like spatula's and some of those larger utensils.  I love them.  In my older dishwasher, I often have to take an entire row of glass storage for spatula's and large wooden spoons that won't fit below in the silverware rack.  This feature is on the top of my list for my new dishwasher. 

Tall Message Center by Diamond Cabinetry.
2: Charging Stations are great for any kitchen.  Since houses are moving more and more towards tech products, why not have a charging station in the kitchen.  A place for cell phones, iPods, tablets, camera's, etc.  They all need to plug in, why not in the hub of the home, the kitchen. This great cabinet by Diamond also features a message center with a whiteboard inside the cabinet door.  Great for messages, calendars, and more. 

Toe Kick Drawer
3: Toe Kick Drawers are an amazing out of the way storage solution.  Great for linens that aren't sued very often, serving platters, cutting boards and cookie sheets, all that big and bulky stuff you don't use often.  The drawers can also be equipped with food and water dishes for your furry family members.  With today's semi and custom cabinets, there should be no reason for wasted toe kick space. 
Belken Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount
4: The Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount is a must have.  Tablet's are taking over homes, and are a great resource while cooking and in the kitchen.  You can place your tablet on the mount and keep it clear of food and messes while using video's and recipes.  For $34.19, this is a must have.  You can even use App's to build shopping lists and so much more.

Waste/Recycling Center by American Woodmark
Kitchen designed by Sarah George at
Home Depot of Folsom, California
5: Trash compactors are out, especially with the growing trend of recycling, and great recycling programs provided by cities.  This great waste cabinet is hidden away, and takes the same amount of space as a compactor, however gives you the flexibility to have both space for trash and recycling.  I try to put this cabinet in every kitchen I design, and every client has been blown away by its convenience.  Ditch the compactor!