Friday, April 18

The Perfect Butlers Pantry

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One thing that any home owner would love to have, but rarely have room for, is a Butlers Pantry.  A Butler's Pantry is more than just a storage area for food.  It is also a staging area for dishes and dinner between the kitchen and the dining room. 

In my opinion, a good Butler's Pantry has plenty of counter space to stage meals, and perform last minute preparations.  I love the space to the right, because it also has great pantry storage for food, as well as a wine refrigeration.  You could even put a full service refrigerator. 

A Butler's pantry should also store items like china, spare dishes and serving trays, as well as place mats, and table settings.  It is basically, the storage in the Dining Room you never knew you needed.  Table cloths, vases, napkins and napkin rings, all that good stuff.  Where do you store it, a Butler's Pantry...(or a hutch!)
I have often seen Butler's Pantries match the kitchen cabinet design.  You can also go a different and complimentary way.  Maybe use the same door style with a different color or wood species.  The sky is the limits, and depending on how disconnected from the kitchen the B.P. is, you can do whatever you want.  Maybe the kitchen is exactly the cabinet style and design you want, and the pantry is that of your partner's tastes.  There are no rules.  

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Put your Butler's Pantry to work!
Depending on the size of your pantry, you can include a full service second kitchen for catering staff.  Having the second refrigerator will also work well to store dishes not yet ready to serve.  Warming drawers and ovens will also help out with keeping dishes warm before serving.  The extra sink and dishwasher will help to make clean up a breeze.  If a catering kitchen is more your speed, keep open shelves, or glass front doors so it is easier for someone unfamiliar with the space to find the proper dish or serve ware when needed. Other items that are useful, microwaves for reheating dishes! The Sharp Microwave Drawer is a perfect option that doesn't take up counter space.  Another great idea is the Miele Automatic Coffee Machine, that can be used to make coffee for dessert after dinner.

If you don't have a full room you can dedicate to a Butler's Pantry, use a blank wall as a built in Hutch or Buffet.  You can even plumb in an extra sink.  This also works well when doubled up as a Hutch/Wine Bar with extra storage for wine, a small refrigerator, and linens and serve ware you don't have room for in the kitchen.  If your home is a large open concept, this works well as an addition to your kitchen, without having to find a piece of furniture to meet your needs.