Friday, June 27

3 New Cabinet Color Trends in 2014

So last week I wrote about the fun trends we are seeing in kitchen's, especially inside the cabinets.  How about the cabinets themselves?  What colors are popular right now?  We all know Honey Oak kitchen cabinets are out.  What about white paint, is that still in?  Espresso?  Is that still happening?  Let's take a look at what colors are doing well in today's kitchen remodel.

Off White Cabinets

Yes, it's true, the stark white is not the most popular color anymore.  It has been replaced by one of two options, Off White and Grey.  People are saying that white too crisp.  It's too bright.  They want to tone it down a little bit.  So they are going with three tones.  Yes, soft cream and canvas type colors, and taupe are popular for a warmer toned kitchen.  These off white cabinets help warm up the space, and create a "Not so Stark"or "hospital' kitchen.  Glaze free, they are also are easier to keep looking clean and amazing.  (That's right, glazes are on their way out the door, and I couldn't be happier about that!)

When looking for these tones of cabinets, the options are absolutely gorgeous.  Cabinet manufacturers are coming out with some great colors that blend well with stained cabinets, making it easy to do a two toned kitchen, or pair with wood flooring or other furnishings.  

Kitchen by Home and Stone
Grey cabinets are the same story.  People don't want the stark white "hospital look" anymore.  Grey is blowing up in popularity, and many of the cabinet manufacturers are scrambling to come out with the newest top selling shade.  I have seen these cool tones blowing up in the wall color market as well.

Grey cabinets can lend themselves to a cooler toned room, shying away from the heavy Tuscan influence I see in my area, which makes me love it even more.  If your looking to paint your existing colors, a worry free color pallet is available by Jeff Lewis Color.  

Blue Accents in Cabinetry
Blue, or a greyish blue mix is another major trend blowing up.  Again, manufacturers are scrambling to come out with these colors.  They look crisp and fresh, and bring new life to any space.  I fear that like in the 90's, people are going to be sick of blue again, so be cautious.  If you want to do it anyway, check out Jeff Lewis Color, because again, his blue's are what this trend is all about.

If your fearful about doing blue, and locking yourself into a color, forever, then just stick with grey.  You can add blue with accents, and take them out when your tired of it.

Kitchen by In Detail Interiors
Bonus Color Trend
So what about all those folks not wanting to paint their cabinets, and still love the look of stained cabinets and the grain?  There is still a big draw for the dark espresso cabinets, however it will still hide some of the grain.  Going dark is still the trend I see my clients asking for, when it's not white or off white.  The photo to the left shows what I have been seeing in the past few months.

I honestly wish I had my own photo's to show you, but many of my designs are still in the process of being installed.  Keep an eye out in the Portfolio for updated photos of these trends and my own designs.