Wednesday, July 2

7 Kitchen Trends to Avoid

Everyone always focuses on the newest best trends, but what about the trends to avoid?  I have seen a few lists, so I decided to make my own, and focus on alternatives.  Obviously, if your dead set on something, get it, but if resale is at all a consideration in the next year or so, think twice on some of these items. 
Appiance Garage
by Case Design

1: Appliance Garages.
What was once a great way to hide those counter top appliances like coffee makers, toasters and blenders, is now a dated and gone element of any kitchen.  In today's kitchen, counter space at a premium, so why hide it inside of a cabinet?  Instead of an Appliance Garage, opt for a pantry to store some of the smaller less used appliances.  If that isn't an option, deep drawers, or roll out trays inside of a base cabinet is a good alternative.  This will help open up that extra counter space, and give any kitchen a more open look that is desirable in today's kitchen.  

2: Small Splashes.
A great alternative to a small splash
by Esther Hershcovich
Today, most homeowners are choosing full height tile splashes made of various materials of any size.  Gone, forgotten, and hopefully never to be seen again are 4-6" splashes.  I hate short splashes, because dust just collects on the top ledge, and what about that sheetrock above?  If your making spaghetti and that sauce splashes, it's going no where on that backsplash, it's going on the painted and textured wall above the splash.  Trust me, full height is the way to go.  One look I love, is a full height splash, even behind a hood, that goes all they way to the ceiling.  It's an inexpensive and custom touch that is sure to draw attention.

3: Trash Compactors. 
I've said it a million times, ditch the compactor and opt for a double waste basket cabinet with room for trash and recycling.  They take the same amount of space, and you can eliminate the recycling pile on the countertop. They're also cheaper!  

Consider a Micro Drawer Instead
Greenleaf Construction
4: Over-The-Range Microwaves.
Yes, they save space, but they are incredibly dangerous, especially for kids!  They are too high up to safely remove hot dishes if your short, which could cause spills and injury.  Instead, opt for a microwave drawer by Sharp.  Still a growing trend, it's great for any member of the house hold, from kids to grandparents, which relates to a housing trend, of multiple generations under one roof.

5: Overly distressed and Glazed Cabinet Finishes.
Women still love these, but the men are saying "They Look Dirty!"  This has been a marital disagreement since the beginning, and I am glad to see this going away.  Take a look at my previous post on cabinet finishes for 2014 which talks about today's finish trends in the kitchen (and bath!).  Solid colors featuring off whites and grays.  

Very Ornate kitchen by
WL Interiors
6:  Overly Ornate Accessories.
Things like corbels, valances, on lays, and legs that have no architectural reference to the house. Keep in mind, you want the whole house to work as one, this includes architectural elements that don't fit.  These elements were popular in the 1990's, however today's clients are scaling back and keeping cleaning in mind. Now keep in mind, if your entire house is a highly decorative and ornate, then this style is fitting, but if your house isn't, then neither should your kitchen.  It's all a balance.

7: Polished Countertops.
This one is still a pretty strong trend, but I have seen more and more people requesting honed or non-polished materials.  I think this trend is on it's way out, and it's about time.  There are so many different finishes to natural stone that are equally lovely.  Honed, Leathered, Fired, and they all look great.  Do your homework.  If polished is still your cup of tea, great, but you might find something you didn't even know existed. 

Hope some of these ending trends weren't on your wish list.  Again, if they are, there isn't a problem with that, just keep them in mind if resale is going to be happening soon.