Friday, September 26

Metallic Leather

Custom Brushed Metallic Beaver Meadow Brown Leather
on Chairs at the Langham Hotel in Atlanta, GA
Designed by Johnson Studio
Metallic's are a lot of fun, and a great way to bring in some extra texture into any space.  Sometimes they can be a little scary, and easy to overdo, but still fun.  I was surfing Pinterest not too long ago, and found some products that I have since fallen in love with.  The company in question is Townsend Leather, and their product line is absolutely stunning.  They specialize in all kinds of leather, but have a great collection of metallic finished leathers for interior design and fashion.  Their collection of embossed leather features several different metallic and foil finishes, that lets just say, I was rather excited to order some samples.  

Color: Silver
Pattern: La Scala Damask
Number: L-RD-1875-LAS
The first piece that caught my eye was the Razzle Dazzle Cowhide in La Scala Damask Silver.  I could see this textured and shiny leather featured on throw pillows, or even an upholstered headboard!  This particular design is not recommended for heavy use areas like seating, but great for accents or vertical applications, as the metallic foil can wear. 

The physical sample is just as beautiful as the photo, and the textured detail is absolutely stunning.  No trick photography here, it looks great, even at a distance.  I often worry about some of these textured materials because when entering a room they can often take two or three glances to actually get what's going on, but not this one.  

Color: Silver
Pattern: Ostrich
Number: L-EFAB-1875-LAS
One of the other leathers that instantly caught my eye was the Fab Foils Embossed Silver Ostrich on Cowhide.  This highly metallic leather sample took my breath away right out of the envelope. It almost looks like a piece of foil, so shiny and bright.  I already have a few projects I could use this for.  Like the Razzle Dazzle Cowhide, this color is not recommended for heavy use areas like seating, but great for accents or vertical applications.

I could see this more in fashion, like on a purse, or shoes, not so much furniture, however I could also see it utilized in some holiday decor, such as combined with blue and silver themed Christmas decor, as accent and accessories. 

Brushed Metallic Cowhide
Old Penny BM-8357
Looking for something that can be used in upholstery?  This chair is a great example of why I am now loving metallic leathers.  This chair is done in the Brushed Metallic Cowhide in the color Old Penny.  It has that subtle sheen that you would expect on say, and old penny, and it is sure to be an eye catcher when walking into a room.  I love it!  I really want a giant overstuffed leather chair in this color, in the corner of my bedroom to curl up with the Kindle, or write a blog post or two.  

This particular leather is Hand Rubbed to accentuate the metallic finish and the leathers own natural characteristics to create that patina that looks like the chair is your favorite.  

Townsend Leather also has some interesting textured metallics that can be used in upholstery.  The Aniline Gaufrage Cowhide pictured below is a breathtakingly luxe leather that looks fantastic on these chairs.  This photo below is the reason I wanted to write this post.  I love this transitional luxe vignette is exactly the kind of room I love creating, and can't wait to partner with Townsend Leather in creating these unique pieces.   Want more?  Check out the rest of my blog.  You can also find Townsend Leather on Pinterest