Tuesday, February 21

Product Spotlight: Kohler Prolific

Every so often a new product comes onto market and I pause to think, "Now this is amazing". The Kohler Prolific sink is one of those products. It is often imitated by solid surface fabricators, but it is still the original, and extremely unique to any sink out there. This sink is the multimtaskers best friend. It is also an exceptional solution for anyone with limited counter space. So what makes it so special? Check out the video to see this revolutionary sink in action.

The Accessory Ledge
Franke was the first to come out with the accessory ledge, but Kohler perfected it. The Prolific kitchen sink features three accessory ledges, not just one, like many Franke options. The Prolific also comes with several accessories to make the most of the sink.

The Accessories

Two drying racks, a rinse bowl, colander, and a wooden cutting board. Franke sinks often have these accessories availability to those who want them, at a premium. Kohler did it right. The Prolific comes WITH the accessories in the box. The Prolific has a reasonable price tag without the surprise costs of the accessories.  I love the two drying racks. When placed on the top accessory ledge, they can expand your usable counter space.  Also, all accessories can be purchased alone, so if you want more, or misplace one, have no worries.

The Construction
The Prolific comes with 18guage 304 Stainless Steel. It has a folded construction, not punched. It features sound deadening pads on the underside. The only draw back to the Prolific sink is the 0 radius corners, which some find difficult to clean, and the lack of spray insulation.

Another construction feature of the Prolific I like, is the recessed disposal flange. This is a unique design that allowed for proper drainage and helps keep the disposal from getting blocked by pots and pans.

So that is the Kohler Prolific sink. One of my favorite sinks due to its versatility and many uses. This is one fun sink. It has an amazing price point, and packs a punch for getting things done with ease. I hope my readers like it as much as I do!!