Tuesday, February 14

Product Spotlight: Robern AiO Cabinet

How does technology into the bathroom? There are lots of ways to incorporate technology into the modern bathroom, and one of my favorite ways as with the Roeburn AiO cabinet. Both the medicine cabinet and light source in one, this dual function product is sure to wow.

The Robert AiO cabinet features two LED light strips down either side of the cabinet. These light strips are the perfect task light for the bathroom. They equally light up either side of the users face for use when shaving and applying make up. Think of back stage lighting. Those light bulbs lined up along either side of a mirror. This is the LED solution from Robern. The AiO cabinet features an easy to use touch pad under the right light strip which can adjust brightness and turn the light on and off. There is also a small light bar on the interior of the cabinet that lights up when the door is open. Making it easy to find the SleepQuil when your insomnia is keeping you up.

The Rober AiO cabinet also features a few outlets on the interior of the cabinet. Two USB and a 110 outlet means you can charge what you need to. If you a lucky enough to have a Kohler Moxie, you can charge it and your phone right from your medicine cabinet. It also features the one standard outlet, which is perfect for an electric toothbrush, razor, or anything else you want plugged in.

The AiO cabinet has a ton of options. First, you can select from a single door cabinet or a double door cabinet. Here are also several width and height options. The AiO cabinet only comes in four inch depth, but it can be recessed into the wall or surface mounted, with an additional kit.

The AiO also features a handy magnetic doc which is perfect for those smaller items, such as tweezers and nail clippers. When paired with adjustable glass shelves, and interior mirrors and a magnifying mirror, this is definitely a go-to for any medicine cabinet. These cabinets can be banked together for smaller bathrooms, maximizing space and functionality.