Thursday, May 19

Color Optional [Part 2]

Modern Elegance

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After my previous post Color Optional, I have seen more and more interest in the Black and White spectrum, and am even currently working with a client on a Black and White kitchen.  The above picture, is an Olio! Moodboard I created to demonstrate how complete a design can be.  I do have some colored paint samples in there to bring in a little color, which corresponds with the greenery of the flowers and foliage.  Even if the walls are painted white, color can be brought in with flowers, which you can change out at any time.  Though flowers are often expensive, you can either grow them in your own yard, or get them from places like the grocery store, or flower delivery companies like   (Note: if you have pets, be sure to avoid poisonous flowers and plants.  Click Here for a list of pet friendly plants.)  

One of my favorite aspects of this room is that wall paper.  Instead of just white walls, why not bring in some decorative accents using wall paper in white and black patterns?  I also love the textured black pillows, and the fun shapes of the vases, tables, and chairs.  Also, mirrored elements like tables, mirrors, and accessories create more fun and interest.  Just look at the chest of drawers, and the chandelier!