Monday, September 5

Add Some Purple to Your Life

Purple is probably by far my favorite color, and so I am glad to see it on the color forecast.  Here are some great fabrics, wall coverings, and accessories to get you started in creating that great space with some purple flair.  As stated before in The Emotions of Color, Purple is a color that symbolizes Royalty, and it's darker shades make bold and defined statements, and the softer shades give a space a soft feminine feel.

This fabric from Duralee features a nice eggplant background with gradient colored vines.  It is priced from $61/yard.  
This fun leather fabric from Duralee would provide a great accent piece.  Priced from $53
This Fabric from Duralee features soft violet vines.  
Kimono Violet by Sherwin Williams, SW 6839

This glass vessel lavatory bowl by Decolav is sure to make a statement in any bathroom, from the powder room or the master bathroom.  This lavatory is priced from around $297.00

This beautiful light fixture from First Light Lighting appears to be an upside down flower.  This would be a great accent lighting piece when added to any space including a kitchen or dining room.  
This silk floral piece by LDF Silk features an Orchid in resin.  This wall hung piece is a great conversation starter, and art piece. Priced from $144
This bathroom features a purple glass mosaic from Amsum and Ash, Inc. 
This elegant wall paper is from Rodeka Nederland B.V.