Friday, October 28

Universal Building and Design Resources

When remodeling or building a home, or even a single room like a kitchen or bath, it is important to think about adding simple barrier free options and upgrades to accommodate not only the older generations, but also the unexpected.  I have written before on simple changes that most wouldn't even notice as being trans-generational or barrier free, such as my post Simple Changes that Encourage Accessibility.  As a home owner, or design professional, when planning for any space, it is good to have some resources and tools available to ensure that any space is easy for everyone to get to, including small children, older adults, or a friend that comes over with a broken leg or arm.

National Association of Home Builders CAPS Directory
Certified Aging in Place Specialists will help with designing a new home, or remodeling your existing, so that you can age in place at home with little effort.

Livable Design by Eskaton is a new certification process for new home construction and remodel.  This new certification process is associated with Eskaton, a leader in housing solutions for the older communities, however the Livable Design is designed for all generations, from newborns and infants to the elderly.  The demonstration home (brochure link above) shows bathing solutions that make it easy for a parent to bathe a small child, as well as a caregiver to bathe anyone at any age.  It features roll in showers, and standard everyday appliances that are easy to reach and use for all users.  [note: if you are in the Sacramento area, or planning a trip, try to see the Demonstration Home, as it is an eye opener for all families to see how easy Barrier Free can be incorporated seamlessly into any home.]

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