Friday, October 14

Wood Countertops

Wood is a great alternative to some of the current counter options out there.  Including reclaimed wood, there is a lot of wood species, finishes, edges, and options.  This counter solution can be eco friendly with the use of quickly repopulating woods like Bamboo, or with reclaimed and recycled woods.  

Heirloom Wood Countertops features custom shapes and sizes, as well as multiple different species and finishes.  They have multiple thicknesses available as well, and several different edge styles.  These wood tops are treated, and so they are heat, water, and stain resistant.  

Block Tops Incorporated is also a great source for wood countertops, which can be used  all over your kitchen, as well as islands, on furniture, and so much more.  Wood countertops can enhance the look of your space, add warmth, and are a great warm surface for the consumer that feels granite and stone is too cold.  Block Tops also offers woods like Bamboo and Reclaimed wood, which are great for the environmentally friendly consumer.  

This reclaimed countertop from Craft-Art features a custom cutting board that fits perfectly into the under-mounted stainless steel sink.  
Design Tips: Be sure to have some contrast between the cabinetry color, and the wooden top color.  This allows a visual separation between counter and cabinets, and will help users see the edge of the countertop.  It also helps avoid trying to "match" two different types of wood from two different providers, which is nearly impossible!