Thursday, October 6

Window Treatments

When designing a room, you don't want to forget the windows.  Window treatments are a final touch, that is often overlooked.  With so many products on the market for your windows, they should never be forgotten.  There are many products out there today that are designed to make life with window treatments easier.  Make them more user friendly, for all users in the home.  Here are some solutions for window treatments. 

Automation, or remote controlled treatments are great for larger windows, where the window treatments are too heave to open and close.  Automated window treatments can be hard wired, or even operated by a remote control, and are great for users with limited strength as well.  Most window treatment companies have automation options.  While a more expensive option, it is always a great thing to price out for those larger windows.  Here is a link to Hunter Douglas and their Motorized Options.  Another producer of window automation is Somfy, which has more than just remote controlled options.  

Natural Materials can also be used in Window Treatments.  Grass, bamboo, and other natural elements can work well with many interior design styles and rooms.  These products can also be motorized, and are typically an environmentally friendly option.  The shades below are made from Grass by Perry Design

Shutters are another great alternative to blinds and traditional window treatments.  Several companies offer shutter solutions for all types of windows, including french doors and sliding patio doors.  The below shutter was designed by the Baltimore Shutter Company.  

Roman Shades are a beautiful and completely customizable solution to upholstered window treatments.  They can be equipped with black out liners for ultimate light control.  There are many different shapes and styles of Roman Shades, and they look great in formal and casual settings.  The shades below are part of the Perry Design line up.  

Draperies are another great customization options with several casual and formal designs.  Typically custom made, these solutions can be made however the end user wants them, including style, fabrics, liners, shapes, etc.  Draperies can be made with automation and black out liners if requested.  The draperies below are available from Factory Direct Drapes